Day #24 - Add-on Sales & How They Can Meet Retailers Sales Goals

As a retail specialty store you build your business one client at a time, one interaction at a time. Let's look at achieving your sales goals.First you need to identify what you projected your sales increases to be this year."add-on sales"

  • For my purposes here, and to teach you how to calculate what your add on sales item should be, I will say you were projecting a 20% increase.
  • Next what is your average sale value? Again for teaching purposes, I will say $50.

Let's do the add on sales calculation:

  • Take my test  average  sale number of $50 and multiply it by my projected sales increase of 20% . The number we come up with is $10.
  • This means, in order to reach our overall year long sales projections of 20%, we will have to show each person that come into our store another item of a minimum of $10.

Now that was easy,  the more difficult step is to get your staff to take ownership of your sales goals and making sure they follow through with your add-on sale program each and every time they interact with a customer."Making Your Sales Target"Do your own calculations. Watch out for my next tips on this subject:

  1. Buying and Merchandising for add on sales program success
  2. Teaching your staff to sell add on sales items