Day #17 - Why It's Important To Collect Customer Information

  • Getting a person's email address and cell phone number allows you to recontact them directly and inexpensively through email, text messages and calls. You can send them email newsletters, alerts about sales and invitations to events.
  • If you have their mailing address, you can send them direct mail postcards, letters, brochures, catalogs.
  • If you know what they've purchased, you can recognize what other products/services you offer that they don't buy that would be relevant to tell them about. This is called cross selling.
  • If you know what and when they last purchased, you can anticipate when they might be ready to purchase again and proactively send them information at the right time to make it easy for them to place their order or come in again.
  • If you know if they are married or have kids, you can identify other members in the family who you could sell to.
  • You can isolate prospects and nurture those new business leads."Customer Information"
  • You can also use this information to identify your most profitable customers to give them VIP service; your new customers to nurture them until they become loyal; your steady customers who always buy the same thing (to try to get them to buy other products/services); the customers you wish you didn't have because they don't pay or don't pay on time or are cause a lot of angst whenever anyone has to deal with them (so you don't spend any money sending them any marketing or promotional offers). You get the idea. You can customize and tailor your marketing messages to be most relevant.
  • You can also track and measure your marketing to know what works and what doesn't.

" We'd like to stay in touch and keep you up-to-date with our events and special promotions. Can we have your email address and/or Twitter account, or are you on Facebook?"Barbara