Day #18 - Running A Promotional Sale

"Timing is key, give yourself at least a few weeks in advance for some prep time. You will use this time to get some flyers, and advertising materials that will best showcase your promotion. Think about what kind of sale you will be running as well as what is within your budget. Will you be offering food etc.? Will you be giving out prizes? Will you hold a raffle and so on."huge sale"Spread the word out! Every single customer , every single day leading up to the promotion. Consistency will help, let your customers know that there will be a sale, tell them the date, and hand them a flyer. Create a sense of urgency, let them know this sales does not happen often, this gives the event a sense of exclusivity. Tell your customers to bring a friend. Let them know if there will be free stuff (food, prizes, gift certificates, etc) people love free stuff. This is a great time to e mail your customers and let them know you will be holding this sale.Spread the word like your life depended on it, be excited, this vibe will transfer well to your customers."sale sign"On the day of the big event or time frame , decorate your store accordingly, get balloons, streamers, and crank up the music. To keep your customers coming back create small goody bags, these can contain flyers, samples, advertising materials from other businesses  near by, and the golden item that will have them coming back is give out free gift certificates. They don't have to be a high amount, just enough to get them to come back and buy, buy, buy.""sale sign"Barbara