Day #38 - Being Proactive, Part 4 of 4

Monthly Email Blasts:

"Proactive"Your plans must include a monthly promotional communications piece sent to your customer list. After you have set your promotional calendar for the year you must tell your customers what is going on in your store and here’s the big one. Invite them to come and shop with you. For those of you who are not "eMail Blast"collecting customer contact information for your data base, the work starts right now. No excuses. This is one of the most valuable tools you have.Here is a challenge; collect 3 to 5 names daily. You will soon have 1,000 plus names a year on your list.  If you don’t use email send promo info by regular mail or pick up the phone and call your best customers.I need you to get re-energized about what you do in your store. It’s about increasing sales by what your focus is as the owner or manager. Review what has worked in the past to stimulate business add the suggestions I’ve made and get working to make it happen. No waiting - start immediately.BarbaraNorth Americas #1 Retail Business Coach