Day #44 - How To Keep Customers In The Store Longer - Part 2 of 14

Drawing customers into your store and keeping them in your store longer is doable and in your hands. You increase sales when your traffic increases; these two things have a direct correlation with each other. Do you know, the longer a customer stays in your store, the more products they are exposed to, and the more they potentially buy. Studies show that a customer needs to stay in a retail specialist store up to 7 minutes before they really start shopping and really start buying. Check this out against what is happening in your store. Invite customers into your store and keep customer shopping  in your store longer.

Here is a must do list for you- Part 2

A great staff with strong people skills is who you want working for you. Staff that make customers feel welcome and staying longer in your store. Customer service is not just telling a customer "hello"; it is also about helping them to their car with their packages and making sure, they had a great experience while shopping in your store. Each customer should be treated the same and given equal attention whether they buy something or not. Treat your customers with respect, and always go the extra mile for them.

"Great Staff"