Day #14 - GOOD Displays Sell Merchandise

Why Display is Important to your Retail Business:

  • Over stimulated customer, and there are a lot of us around these days, need things made easy. Good displays make an easier shop with products presented in a unified way."Great Display"
  • First Impressions. You don’t get a second chance here. Displays that are done right support your brand image and what you are all about as a retailer.
  • Competition. There’s a lot out there. Be the retailer everyone else talks about. Make a commitment to have great displays thru out your store.
  • Entertainment. We want to be entertained as consumers. Display can be one way to bring a smile with whimsy or something a little out of the norm. Be the retailer to offer displays that entertain.
  • Educate the customer. Effective display can teach on so many levels. Best example of this - displaying the newest products in the hottest colors. May be your a retailer that believes in being Eco friendly? Your displays show product from this important area. And so on.
  • Makes shopping easy. Having good display in each department of your store will help better traffic flow. Better traffic flow gets consumers seeing more of your merchandise and staying in your store that magic 7 minutes - when they start to make more buying decisions."Great Display"
  • Multiple sales. Magical words to retailers.
  • Best use of space. Rents are going thru the roof these days. Commit to better displays you’ll be glad you did. You will see a dramatic increase in traffic and sales.

"Great Display"     LEARN what you need to know to design displays that sell.Barbara