The Ultimate Retail Business Coaching Program

This program is designed to help you have a successful Retail Business and start paying yourself better. You need to right size your business with information and clear direction that makes you more profitable.

Understand Your Financial And Operational Reports Program

Knowing how often to look at financial and operational reports and what they tell you about your business is crucial. Knowing which reports to call up and how often to look at them is the foundation of your analytics.

Learn How To Buy Program

Barbara will share her knowledge on how to get ready for your next buying event and how much to spend on product purchases.

Financial Review Program

Barbara will share her knowledge on running an effective retail business with a Positive Cash Flow. Meetings are set by appointment at your convenience.

Marketing Strategies For Independent Retailers Program

Today’s successful marketing practices dominate a dialogue between retailers and their customers.

Barbara will share her knowledge, using the most effective retail promotional ideas and best practices. With a focus on attracting new customers and keeping existing customers coming into your store more frequently.

As social media has elevated the role of the customer in the marketing process retailers are compelled to develop and drive changes that enable their brand to meet those customers in new and emerging media channels.

Merchandising & Display Program

Barbara has designed this program to give you a better understanding of how to display the products you sell in your store more effectively. Guaranteed to increase sales.

Quarterly Business Review Program

You may be thinking is my business on track?

It’s a perfect time to review your results, make alterations to your plan and go into the next quarter with confidence.

The Power Hour Program

Barbara’s Retail Makeover Power Hour is designed to give you strategic information that will help your business immediately.

The Mini Coaching Program

Three One Hour Coaching Sessions by Phone, Skype or FaceTime

This program deals with the most urgent and biggest challenges facing the retailer. A large number of retailers who are looking to close their doors find this program perfect for them as a start of point.