This program is designed to help you have a successful Retail Business and start paying yourself better. You need to right size your business with information and direction that makes you more profitable. With proven guidelines that get your buying under control and operational expenses in check. Your marketing plan clear and your roll out channels defined.

Increasing sales by 20 %. It can happen.

I witness it everyday; retailers that I have the privilege of coaching become exceptional retail business owners.

So do you want to be the best retailer you can be? Becoming a Retail Pro.

Of course you do!

Let’s get started on your business today. Please invest in yourself and the future of your retail business. You are more likely to work on your business with a retail business coach. This program is guaranteed.

Looking forward to working with you.

Contact me today to setup a discovery interview.

Barbara Crowhurst

General Overview:

  • You are sent a list of specific information you need to gather for our initial review.

  • Yes there is homework.

  • What you learn from the program will stay with you and affect your business for years to come.

  • You will be shown what you need to be focused on and given the tools to effect change.

  • Reviews are conducted of past financial records and marketing strategies with the view to put together a comprehensive plan for the upcoming year.

  • Meetings are scheduled monthly at the retailers convenience to make sure you are still on track.

How This Program Works:

  • This Program is a customized plan just for you. You do not have the time to read and review books on how to do retail right; really not knowing which strategies to use and which ideas are for you.

  • Your business is unique; you need specific information.

  • This program works because it’s all about you, not generic, not general, not mass marketed but specific one on one coaching for your retail business.

  • This program is designed to bring you what you need when you need it, with techniques and known strategies that really work and essential guidelines that will keep you focused.

Why This Program Works:

  • Barbara has coached thousands of independent retailers; her specialty actually. She understands every aspect of retail no matter what you sell and where in the globe your store is located. Discovering what is not working and connecting with the retailer to share solutions that can be trusted with information that will work.

There Is Not A Program Like This Anywere:

The program uses up-to-date, and best retail practices, with the most detailed and customized business strategies of any retail business-coaching program on the market. This is your opportunity to have the business you have always wanted; with strong and steady sales increases month-on-month, that’s a promise.

Get your debt under control sooner than you every dreamed possible.

How Is The Program Delivered:

  • Meetings are by phone or Skype, FaceTime or Phone .

  • Barbara calls you and picks up the cost of the call.

Program Testimonial:

“Having worked with Barbara Crowhurst for the past year I have seen a remarkable change in the PERFORMANCE of my store, all of which was done inexpensively and painlessly.”

“Having searched for the right kind of guidance to bring my business to another level, I was very lucky to have found Barbara. It’s great to have someone in your corner helping you move forward guiding you through the financial, esthetic and personnel issues. She has a very positive attitude that gets you excited about your business and your abilities to achieve the heights to which you aspire. I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Sue Bourinot 
 The Teazer

Core Program Outline:

Twelve one-on-one meetings through a one-year period between you and Barbara, having the retail business of your dreams realized. You are more likely to stick to working ON your business when you are working with a retail business coach.

Monthly Reviews Include Your Concerns And Challenges On Various Issues:

  • Setting sales targets

  • Marketing

  • Promotions

  • Staff training

  • Inventory management

  • Monthly finances

  • Merchandising and display features

  • Daily operations

  • Customer services

  • Operating costs

  • PCF

  • Buying budgets

  • Personal business development

  • Internet marketing

  • Product selection

  • Product tests

  • Being a better buyer

  • Being a better manager

  • Managing your time better

  • Retail store design and traffic flow

  • Product placement