You maybe thinking, is my business on track?

It’s a perfect time to review your results, make alterations to your plans and go into the next quarter with confidence. Having a plan for the year has benefits including, increasing efficiency which helps to measure success and assists in decision making.

One way to ensure your plan will be effective is to include SMART goals:

S Specific, M Measurable, A Achievable, R Realistic, T Time Specific

Taking the time to make a SMART plan for the year and reviewing it each quarter you’ll find it much easier to stay on track and measure success .

This is what I am proposing. Scheduling a minimum of 4 (one hour) meetings. Reviewing and discussing the following:

  1. Financial Review: Review sales targets projected for the year against the quarters performance. Reset the years targets.

  2. Buying Budgets: Review buying budgets for the quarter just past. Set new buying budgets against projected sales .

  3. Marketing Plan: Review performance of your last quarter marketing plan .

  4. General Management and Operations Issues: Review  last quarter.

  5. Measurable: Foot traffic, conversion rates, average sale: Review last quarter. Adjust rates as required to meet years sales goals.

  6. Sales by Category: Review last quarter; decide what is staying in the line up for the year, and what is not.

  7. Margin Reports: Review past quarter. Set new strategies to increase margins .

  8. Merchandising/Display Issues: Review past quarter. Set new goals.

  9. Other: challenges and concerns specific to the success of the next quarter.

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Very Best; Barbara