Barbara Will Cover:

  • What reports are most important to your business and which ones are important to have at your finger tips.

  • Reviewing a Profit and Loss Statement .

  • Helping you set sales targets for the year, and then break those numbers down by month.

  • Setting daily sales targets.

  • Setting buying budgets.

  • Setting operating costs.

  • What your positive cash flow should be.

  • What percentage of sales you should be spending on wages, rent, and debt repayment.

The session will be delivered through live video conferencing on Skype or FaceTime. Its easy! So don’t worry about the connection. I will take you through it step by step after you enroll.

Can’t wait to help you!

Learn what your numbers mean to your business.

Enroll today and take control. Start managing the numbers detail that will lead you to higher profits.