The Learn How to Buy Program is based on a minimum of 3 one-hour one-on-one meetings with Barbara by phone Skype or FaceTime. Barbara will share her knowledge on getting ready to buy, and how much to spend on new product purchases. Meetings are set by appointment at your convenience. Barbara will share the open to thrive system with you. This system will keep your buying with in a budget – your budget because it’s based on your sales. Wouldn’t you love to know how much to spend each month by supplier. You can have that freedom!

Barbara Will Review:

  • Your yearly sales figures in total and by category for the year

  • Review what products to keep and which product lines to get rid of

  • Set budgets for each product category

  • Set budgets for every vendor

Also; Barbara will share with you what trends you should be looking for and how much of any trend product to buy. This program is a must for you to enroll in, before you make that next buying trip, or the next time you make an appointment with a company sales rep.