Thrive and Retail Makeover

 Barbara Crowhurst  (@RetailMakeover), North America's #1 retail business coach is excited to showcase "Thrive Software"Thrive.Thrive is great for keeping track of the important numbers in your store and Barbara is an expert at acting on those numbers with the latest in retail business strategies. Together, Thrive and Barbara offer an intersection of retail business and science that will help more retailers reach their goals and overcome challenges.

How will this partnership benefit store owners?

Barbara has been helping thousands of store owners with her retail education workshops and seminars often with audiences of hundreds of independent store owners at a time. Many retail concepts and methods are covered in a short period and there is always high demand for one-on-one consultations afterwards.

Thrive will help Barbara help others in two ways:

  1. Some store owners want a do-it-yourself solution. That is exactly what Thrive was designed for. If you have attended a workshop with Barbara in the past, or plan to in the future, you're going to learn some pretty important things. You get all the workshop concepts, and you're happy taking action on your own, but it would be nice if something kept you on track and accountable. Thrive is the retail tool that will help you get organized and keep track of what is important.
  2. Some store owners are looking for one-on-one expert help. Thrive helps you get organized and prepared.  When it is time to actually sit down with an expert such as Barbara, valuable time is not lost to trying to figure out all numbers in your store that Thrive keeps track of. Thrive gets you prepared so your billable hours are not spent getting organized, you'll spend your time getting things done.

Barbara Crowhurst, and the Team at Thrive, helping retailers increase sales and become more profitable.