Day #22 - Retail Greeters: Sales Builders Or Customer Turnoff?

I think greeters are a good idea and want all of you to start testing greeters in  your store asap."We create this friendly, but non-threatening environment by greeting the customer warmly and personable, not mechanically."Sales Greeter"A feigned, half-hearted or forced smile is a dead giveaway to the entering customer that you rather they would go away and not bother you. Customers entering the store may be in a hurry, themselves preoccupied or even in a bad mood. The greeter's job is to change that customer's mindset, if only for a moment, by eliciting from them a responsive smile to that of the greeter. I will venture that you too have experienced this. You fly through the door of a store, stressed and anxious from being behind schedule and having three more stops to make on your way home, when suddenly you are arrested by the warm smile and genuine "hello" of an unknown individual adding to your life a much needed ray of sunshine at that moment."Article I found on this subject. It's by John Di Frances who  is an internationally recognizedexpert on Strategic Business Issues. Click to download a PDF copy.Send me pictures of your store greeter and I'll post them on my blog.Barbara