Day #35 - Being Proactive, Part 1 of 4

"Being Proactive"You have to make the front door to your business open. If you continue to think it will open by it self you may as well roll up your sign and go home. Increasing traffic from existing and new customers increases sales.Consumers are still spending money. With so many more shopping choices in your market place area – your understanding that you build your business one client at a time is crucial.  Consumers shop where they feel a connection and enjoy the shopping experience. There are many action points I could write about but here are my four favorites. These really work.

Part 1:

Cause Marketing

I love this. Stop just giving donations. Call up local groups or charities; let them know that you want to send them big fat checks this year. What you are "Target Marketing"asking them to do is to tell their membership about your store and what you sell. Further explain that for each of their members who shops in your store you will send  the charity or group 10% of what they  spend. Easy right. It really is. This idea will bring in new customers .Barbara