Day #34 - Your Customers view point - their experience.

Let's have a look at customer service from the customers view point, their experience.

Here is the text book definition:

" A Customer Experience is an interaction between an organization and a Customer. It is a blend of an organization’s physical performance, the senses stimulated and emotions evoked, each intuitively measured against customer expectations across all moments of contact.""Customer Experience"Pretty dry stuff, but you get the idea. So with this in mind what I've prepared for you, will set you apart in your market place. You are a retail specialist, and with your focus on a better customer experience, this will give you advantages that the Big Box stores want, but can't deliver consistently. When your customer is satisfied , when you have surpassed their expectations, they come back. This is how they show their loyalty to you. So it's good all round.Customers are looking for  knowledgeable assistance when they want it; placing a high value on accuracy, and being served by sales staff that can deliver product information.

Product Knowledge:

Product knowledge training is an important  investment in your staff and should be conducted weekly. Your staff sells what they are enthusiastic  about and what they can talk about.

One client at time:

You build your business one client at a time one interaction at a time. Hire people with great attitudes  who are friendly with good social and  people skills , make sure they are strong communicators with effective listening skills.  I sure hope that you see you staff in this list. It's really one of the biggest keys to the customers  experience.


Interesting enough price factors quiet low in the customer experience. For the majority of consumers the broader concept of  great value and price includes follow up, information and service.

Your Store Design:

Product placement and your visual merchandising techniques are how today's shoppers describe convenience. They want ease of shopping with great displays . Time and time again ,I have seen first hand that when retailers I work with widen their aisles, organize their products by departments and create fun dynamic features through the store. Sales go up, and customers are happier.

No Waiting At Checkout:

Customers appreciate short lines and your consideration about the best use of their time. What I'd like you to do is review your customer experience policy. Update your staff, after all they have to take ownership of your business and deliver your policies during their interaction with the customer.Just recently I meant a  group of retail  staffers, on one of my Retail Makeovers, that were called customer experience associates.  Now,that's the right focus.Barbara