Day #27 - Preparing Your Store For The Big Sale

Your store must look like you are having a sale. You must change the traffic flow with tables, or fixtures, filled with merchandise.Setting up the Store:Your store must not look the same.  Pull racks outside and and at the front of the store. Neatness does not count  at a time like this. You must create a  state  of hyper buying. This is not business as usual.Signage:Bold exterior signage  on your window bold interior signage with the sale message.Greeter :Position one of your staff or yourself at the door. Greet customers as they come in and tell them what's going on.Sale tags:It's work to re-price. Studies show that retagging increases sales. Indicate the new price -  show the old price.  Make this happen any way you can. Trust me on this one.Decorate the store:It's about making the store look different.  Don't miss this one. Balloon and streams not your style,  look at the name of the sale and pull ideas for decor out of that.Have fun:What does that mean to you.  People love to shop at sales. Make them stay longer in your store and  shopping by adding to the spirit of it.Barbara