Do you know what your Job Description is?

This is for Store Owners and Retail Managers

Do you know what your Job Description is?

Are you ready for your Retail Makeover and manage your business more effectively?  Do you know what your job description is? I know how challenging it is to manage a retail specialty store. I want you to be the best retail store owner or manager you can be. Here is what I need you to do, you must set aside 5 hours a week to review, plan and assess what you are doing with your business.  I know this seems like a lot of time. Most businesses start to  fail because owners do not spend  this time each week.  Do not pick your home to do this work in because  you will be sucked into the dramas that are taking place there and you more then likely will not focus in on the work I need you to do. Your office at the store also may not be the best place because when you are  there your staff will always get you involved in what's happening in the store and interrupt your Retail  Makeover Store Planning Time.

Your Job Description:

The main focus of any retail manager or owners' job is to improve the commercial performance of the store by increasing its turnover and maximizing profitability. Achieving performance objectives will require action in one of the main areas of retail activity: store operations; human resources, finance, buying, customer care, marketing, logistics, information technology, and administration. Major parts of the job on a day-to-day basis include managing staff, finding new ways to improve sales, and meeting customer demands.

Typical work activities:
  1. managing and motivating a team to increase sales and ensure efficiency
  2. managing stock levels and making key decisions about stock control
  3. analyzing sales figures and forecasting future sales volumes to maximize profits
  4. analyzing and interpreting trends to facilitate planning
  5. using information technology to record sales figures and for data analysis and forward planning
  6. dealing with staffing issues; interviewing potential staff, conducting appraisals and performance reviews, and providing or organizing training and development
  7. ensuring standards for quality, customer service and health and safety are met
  8. resolving health and safety, legal and security issues
  9. responding to customer complaints and comments
  10. promoting the organization
  11. organizing special promotions, displays and events
  12. attending and chairing meetings
  13. updating colleagues on business performance, new initiatives and other pertinent issues
  14. touring the sales floor regularly, talking to staff and customers, and identifying or resolving urgent issues
  15. maintaining awareness of market trends in the retail industry, understanding forthcoming customer initiatives, and monitoring what local competitors are doing
  16. initiating changes to improve the business, e.g. revising opening hours to ensure the store can compete effectively in the local market
  17. dealing with sales, as and when required

Do you see yourself in this list? Focusing on the above  is important.  Stop doing your employees work . I'll send you your staff job description next week.My last thought for you -  if you have been thinking about  enrolling in my Retail Makeover Business Planning Program, do it today. Let's get started  and right size your business.Till next time. Have a great sales week.Best ,Barbara