Add a Retail Makeover to your New Years Resolutions

I'm back at my office at Retail Makeover  after one of the best Christmases  I can remember .It's a day full of  catch up for me. There is a lot doing this  coming month .On my list of things to take care of  today was to make sure you started the year off right and booked your Retail Makeover.Are you  certain that you do not want to repeat last years performance? Are you sick and tired of running a business that can not pay it's bills, a business that you are financing  from your own pocket or  in debt to the bank and paying high premiums. Or may be you are saying to yourself , this is the year I stop over buying and take control of my inventory.My role as Retail Business Coach is to coach business owners  by  guidance, support, accountability and encouragement - while helping  set  sales goals,  increase  profitability ,  develop marketing strategies and  help you be a  better manager  of your business.   I help you set  your  business focus  by  sharing my knowledge with you .A review of the following information is what your focus should be in these early days of the New Year:

  1. Profit and Loss Statement for 2010  as a total
  2. Profit and Loss Statement by month for 2010
  3. Sales by Category for 2010
  4. Marketing/Promotional  Plan  for 2010

You can not set your plans for 2011 until you have reviewed  2010 performance. So please plan to do this work . You will be very glad you made the decision  to do things right this year.I am here for you and want you to start paying yourself better or maybe yes , I know for the first time.  My Retail Makeover Business Planing Program is the most effective retail coaching program in North America.  Enroll Today through this link:Retail Makeover Business Program 2011One last thing:"Procrastination is attitude's natural assassin. There is nothing so fatiguing as an uncompleted task."A movie from Simple Truths:Eat That FrogThis was one of my many ah/ ha moments today.Waiting to hear from youBarbara