Day #58 - Asking For Customer Contact Information

Some  really easy tips on how to do this:"Contact Customers"

  1. Start asking for customers emails.  Not Asking is one of the biggest problems I see daily in my work with retailers .  Data base marketing works , so I want you to start thinking in this way.  Please remember  - the biggest untapped sales potential is right there in-front of  you. By  inviting   existing customers to come  back  regularly  to your store you increase your sales.
  2. Train your staff to ask every customer for their email address. Be diligent; here is an idea that works give your staff $1 for each e-mail they collect. This works like a charm.
  3. The customer must feel there is value in it for them to give you their email. Make sure you deliver  value. Make the promise to  your customers very clear.  Let them know  that they will have  instant access to unadvertised specials and customer-only updates?
  4. Write up a script and keep it by the cash until your staff have to memory what you want them to say."Retail Counter"
  5. Your job as a retail store owner  is to follow up regularly with your customers. Contact your customer list monthly through e-blasts, Face Book, Twitter, and Linkedin etc.
  6. Looking for a very easy way to manage your newsletter and customer data base use  Constant Contact (  Steve link to my affiliate )