Day #57 - Prevent Shoplifting And Shrinkage In Your Store

The best advice I can give you is that with in the safety and security procedures for your store you should include your policies on "Shoplifting"shoplifting and employee theft. Your policies should be in writing and shared with your staff.Let us look at some things you can do from your store design to training your staff that will help deter shoplifters and shrinkage.

Here are some great tips:

  1. Your cash register should be placed closer to the front so that customers must pass it when exiting the store. Middle side left is my recommendation.
  2. Fixtures and displays should be kept low in the center of the store for better site lines.
  3. A well-lit store with no dark corners is what you want to achieve.
  4. Use mirrors to cover blind spots.
  5. Also, consider putting clearance items in your blind spot areas. If something goes missing, it is not too big a deal.
  6. In addition, a tidy well-organized shop makes it very easy for you to see if products are missing."Shoplifting"
  7. One of the best ways to reduce shoplifting is a well-trained staff.  A staff that is engaged with customers when they are in the store. Train your staff to say hello, look at the person and smile  - it is the best greeting for all customers but for those who are shoplifters it says…  I have been noticed; it may be too risky to steal something from this store.
  8. Signage helps . Post your policy on shoplifting in clear view.
  9. Put small expensive items in locked fixtures and cabinets. Place these fixtures as close to the cash counter as possible.
  10. One of the most effective ways for retailers to prevent shoplifting is to install an electronic security system.  As this is one of the most costly ways to go, I would like you to consider the pros and cons before going this route.
  11. A well-designed store layout will not eliminate all shoplifting but will help reduce it.  Wider aisles with shorter fixture lengths in the middle of the store are what you want. This strategy makes it less likely for shoplifters to feel secure and hidden from view.
  12. Heighten awareness from staff is a must. Please teach your staff to combat shoplifting by being proactive and aware of what’s going on in your store at all times.
  13. Your staff needs to be up to date on regular price points and what is on sale.  Teach them, if the price does not make sense, always check.  Customer price-switching is preventable.
  14. Your shoplifting procedures should be in writing and laid out for your staff so they know what to do if they suspect someone.  You do not want any staff member to be in a position of confrontation and in any danger.  Theft prevention should be your goal.

Let's have a quick look at internal theft:

  1. Retailers  do not like to think that your staff is stealing from you, but the sad reality is that a percentage of your staff will steal when the circumstances and the opportunity is there."Shoplifting"
  2. Theft by employees is a very big problem in Retail today and many companies are reluctant to address it.  You have the right to protect what you own, and you should not make any apologies for taking whatever lawful and appropriate action you can to do so.
  3. Establishing clear policies, procedures and staff training will go a long way to helping your business eliminate shoplifting and shrinkage.

Do not ignore these issues, get started today.Barbara