Day #79 - Want Better Cash Flow? Want More Fun?

Your time is now and you can breakthrough into success!  Yet, you’re still overwhelmed with the pace and demands of your store. My colleague, Cathy Wagner pictured above  went on a mission to help retailers be more prosperous, while doing what they love.

"Eavesdropping with Experts"

She’s brought together a week full of inspiration – Eavesdropping with Experts:  Get Your Retail Revenue Breakthrough Virtual Conference! Just in time for you to create a different ending to 2011!  It’s all happening November 14th - 18th.  These five days are packed with a team of retail experts in business, who know the solutions to your problems and genuinely care about your success too.  They are truly successful – full of creativity, and concrete, actionable activities to move you to the next revenue level in your business.These accomplished ‘gurus’ will share with you:-       Inventory Planning Ideas-       Merchandising Suggestions-       Cash Flow Management Strategy-       Retail Social Media Tips-       And plenty more!Here’s your chance to listen on what they think retailers can easily and quickly do right now.  Just one idea can generate a huge “A-HA” for you!  And $100’s in sales!Visit Eavesdropping with Experts to reserve your complimentary seat NOW!  I promise, you are going to love it!  This is a powerful package of inspiration, ideas and extraordinary profitable insights that show you how to take the steps toward living the life you dreamed of when you first opened your store.Get Your Retail Revenue Breakthrough! You Can Make It Happen!  Now BEFORE the end of 2011~

Go here to register and get all the details:

Eavesdropping with Experts"Eavesdropping with Experts"I am thrilled to be apart of this program and to make it available to you.Best;"Barbara Crowhurst"Barbarap.s.:  There is no charge to register for these calls, and there is no obligation to buy ever, but if you ever do, know that I'm an affiliate of Cathy’s (which means if you buy something I do get a commission).