Xmas Clearance Sale Tips

1. Select  a name for the sale. Use it on all your promotional  material.2. Call or write  all your best  customers and invite them to come and enjoy the bargains.3.  Great signage it  is very important it tells customers what is going on in your store and why they  should come in . Make sure you announce  the  sale on your store window . Have a look at the retail window signage  I have designed with Wall Talk  called "ShoppeTalk " here is the link  www.walltalksales.ca/Shoppetalk .  You will  love what we have to offer you.4.  Re pricing  items with effective sales tags or placing clearly marked interior  signs  to show the discount  is a very good idea. Consumers love to see what they are  saving. This can help increase multiply purchases.5.  What products to offer? Overstock from Xmas and products that have been in your store and that have not moved for the last year should be the products you put on clearance. Do not pack up  any  seasonal items  and save for next year.  It is not  a sound financial move. You are packing up money.6. Your store should not look like it usually does.   Pull the store apart .  Make it look different and like something is happening. Put tables into the aisles  and   stack up the products you are clearing. You get the idea.7. Train your staff to  know what the deals are so there is no confusion.  Also train them to welcome everyone that comes into your store by telling customers about all the wonderful specials on during the sale.8.  This is a great time to increase your customer  base .  Don't forget to ask new customers  to join your monthly newsletter .Look out for the Retail Makeover University schedule  for January, 2011 . We start with a bang ! reviewing your performance in 2010 and setting up sales and marketing  plans for 2011.Thanks for a great year. It has been a pleasure to work with you.BestBarbara