Day #128 - Road Construction Survival Guide

Here is what the City of Madison recently did to survive road construction. This is a very inspiring story.

Letter received by the businesses in Madison City effected by the road closures:

Dear Madison-area business owner:

Road construction can present challenges for businesses, but with the right information, proper coordination and strategic planning, your business can not only endure the process, but also prosper during it. In 2009, the Small Business Advisory Council, with support from Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce and City of Madison staff, created the Road Construction Survival Guide to offer practical guidance on how to approach road construction work.The success of the initial guide inspired the SBAC to update the document to promote newer resources, information and recommendations from Madison-area businesses. Thanks to generous contributions from Supreme Structures, Incorporated, and Judy Dahl, principal at JKD Communications, LLC, the new guide was published in 2011. We hope this guide will help you and your employees prepare for any future disruptions.If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact city or chamber staff. We want to help your business throughout the process. Road construction can be challenging at times, but the end result can be very rewarding for your business.Sincerely,Jennifer Alexander David CieslewiczPresident, GMCC Mayor, City of MadisonLink to the entire story: Download PDFI'd like to draw your attention to page 8: Tips to survival once construction begins.Applause to Madison City for the proactive approach taken by all concerned .Best;Barbara