Day #78 - Diary Of A Great Promotion

This was our second Lole event in 2011:

The first was held in April. The most recent event was held Thursday, November 3 from 12 noon to 8 pm. We sent invites for Lole Customer Appreciation Day at our store a week and a half in advance and a reminder notice the day before. Our data base has 1,500 good addresses.  614 or 41% opened the first invite, over 300 the second.We served refreshments and snack boxes (raisins & nuts), had hourly draws for Lole product, free gift with purchase over $50 and a grand prize draw for a $350 Lole parka. Our sales rep from Ottawa joined us and was very helpful in promoting the brand and assisting customers. Our displays featured Lole product and signage. We also printed window and in-store posters. A few of our staff were were yellow Lole t-shirts. The event was well attended; for the most part they were determined to purchase a Lole product, and in many cases more than one. Our immediate priority after the event was to order more stock! Our  Lole rep and I are discussing our next event (April 2012).Thank you Diane Petryna, of Take a Hike, for sharing your event with us.Here are a few things that great promotions do for your businesses .

  1. Increase sales
  2. Increase awareness of your store
  3. Add new customers to your customer list