Day #89 - Driving the Average Sale

Tips to share with your staff that will improve sales immediately .

  1. Product Knowledge - You cannot sell what you don't know about. Knowing the features and benefits of all the products you carry is the goal .  You must set this as a priority for your staff.
  2. Complimentary Items - Knowing what goes with what and how  complementary  items support the main items you sell is the key. Developing that expertise is what you want in your staff.
  3. Pick of the day, or Store owner's pick - Place this product which will become part of your  add on sales program    near or on the cash counter.
  4. Do not prejudice the sale - Assume your customers are open to buy, and that they have the money to spend.
  5. Sales Figures - Do not assume that your staff knows what your average sales figures are, or what they mean  - tell them.
  6. Sales training - Next  train your staff by role playing to sell add on items.

Start this today. Watch what happens!Best;Barbara