Day #118 - The "We Love" Collection

WALLTALK Introduces Additions To SHOPPETALK

The “We love…” collection of removable decals from Walltalk is the latest line extension to Shoppetalk, a collection of repositionable signage for retailers.Designed to increase sales and profitability, the line was developed in collaboration with retail coach, Barbara Crowhurst.“The inspiration for this collection came from recent trips I've taken across North America,” Crowhurst told Retail News Now!. “Retailers love what they do and they're passionate about the products they carry. The “We love…” collection allows retailers to share their favourite new or most beloved products with customers."“One of the key marketing tools retailers have is the front of their stores. Retailers must add signage to their window displays and not miss the all-important trigger from words that tell customers why they should come in and have a look. This signage and this strategy are directly targeted at attracting new customers.”WWW.WALLTALKSALES.CA