Day #105 - 2012 Is Your Year

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Stop working IN your business and start working ON your business; 2012 is your year!

RM "U"  2012 Class Schedule Begins...

Barbara Crowhurst North Americas #1 Retail Business Coach and director of programming will deliver all classes - LIVE. Giving you the information you need to improve sales and profitability.  Join Barbara as she  shares her  knowledge and insight on the hottest retail  topics of 2012. Set your goals, clean up your inventory and start working on the  "Best Practices" that will right size your business in the coming year.

Enroll Today  - Stop working IN your business and start working  ON it !

Program Line-Up At A Glance:

Best Practices for 2012 - Sunday, January 15th, 7- 8 pm EST - $49Setting Sales and Buying Goals - Tuesday, January  24th, 7- 8 pm EST - $49Inventory Control - Sunday , January 29th, 7- 8 pm EST - $49Setting up a Promotional Calendar - Sunday, February 5th, 7- 8 pm EST - $49 

The Curriculum At RM "U" Delivers:

Best Practices for 2012 - Sunday , January 15 th , 7 pm - 8 pm EST - I will focus your attention  on what is in your best interests to work on  and help you increase sales. I want you to set aside 4 to 8 hours a week to start marketing your business effectively. I will have you working more proactively, making the doors to your store open.Buy NowSetting  Sales and Buying  Goals -  Tuesday , January 24th ,  7 pm  - 8 pm EST - I  will identify what results you need to review from last year in order to set real achievable goals for 2012. Yes, you can increase sales and control buying. It's in your hands.Buy NowInventory Control - Sunday , January 29 th , 7- 8 pm EST -  This is a big issue for retailers with many misunderstanding the importance of inventory control. There is money in your inventory. if you are over stocked or if your product is no longer working for you this is the course for you.Buy NowSetting up a Promotional Calendar - Sunday , February 5th, 7 pm - 8 pm EST - In the years I have been a retail coach I find this is an area that  can be challenging for retailers. You should have 2 to 3 promotional events going on each month. Along with what I have to share with you I will send you an e-calendar to help you get organized.Buy Now 

Here is  how we get connected:

  1. After you confirm you registration through Pay Pal payment you will be sent outline notes prior to the course start date.
  2. I will send you a link to register with Skype . All sessions will have a live audio and video component  all you need is speakers and a video cam  on your computer.


Reviewing  the Course Costs:

$49 if you pick only one class orPick  all 4 classes and the cost is $175Buy Now 

Note from Barbara:

I wanted all retailers to be able to join RM "U" this year and boost their sales and profitability. This is why I have set the 2012 Program at a very attractive price, reflecting my understanding of the conditions that retailers face with a price that will fit into your cash flow.You have my continued commitment to sharing my retail knowledge and expertise. I want to help you pay yourself well, very well this year.Classes start  Sunday so register today;  space is limited.Looking forward to our working together.Best;Barbara