Day #102 - Christmas Inventory And What To Do With It

Best Practice for retailers is to clear what's left over. Get rid of Christmas inventory now, do not wait, and do not pack product up saving it for next year;  that's like packing up money,  your money in boxes, and storing it away.Have a look around and see what's left. You can learn a lot from seasonal  left over inventory.

Here are a few things I want you think about:

  1. Did you buy to much? May be not enough?
  2. Did you buy the right products for your market place?
  3. Did you buy product customers wanted and liked ?
  4. Where the products the right price?
  5. Did you promote the products effectively on your website and thru your monthly e newsletter?
  6. Did you display products  well with great windows and feature areas?
  7. Did your staff know how to sell what you brought in for Christmas ?
  8. Did your staff like  the products ?

All great questions.  They all effect sales and what your headache may be right now. To much inventory left over.  Let me know what happened in your store this Christmas.Love to hear from you.Barbara