Being Proactive

Be the retailer who takes proactive measures as you start this New Year.

Feast to famine that is what these early days of this New Year feel like to retailers.  With   consumer activity around Christmas Holiday celebrations now but a faint memory, retailers face the slow and long hall through this first quarter.  I was speaking to a client yesterday about this very issue.  We were talking about her feelings after days with out any sales.  It is daunting and it takes a certain business maturity to stay the course, because there are better days ahead.  In deciding what to post on my blog this month.  I felt this was what you needed to hear from me.

Being Proactive means making the front door to your business open.  If you continue to think it will open by itself, you are not acting in your best interests.Here are my four favorite must do tips.  Your work is to invite your existing customer base to visit your store monthly along with looking for brand new customers.Cause Marketing – I love this because this marketing activity is directed at attracting new customers.

  • Stop giving donations as usual.  Call up local groups or charities; let them know that you want to send them big fat checks this year.
  • What you are asking “ the cause” to do is to tell their membership about your store and what you sell.
  • Further, explain that for each of their members who shops in your store you will send the charity or group 10% of what the member spends.

Training Your Staff to Sell – This is vital to your reaching your sales targets this year.

  • Your staff needs to know how to sell effectively.  Just ringing products in at the till is no longer good enough, your staff must know how to effect sales.
  • Approaching more customers confidently is a must.
  • Your staff must be able to sell add-ons. It is another key to your success this year.
  • Book a training session by phone or Skype with me today.  The workshop takes 1.5 hours and will pay for itself almost immediately.

A Promotional Calendar – I would like you to plan 2 to 3 promotional events each month.

  • Here are some ideas: sales, special events, demos, educational programs, new product launches, special offers, parties, in store features, super clearances and customer appreciation events.

Monthly Email Blasts – Your plans must include a monthly promotional communications piece sent to your customer list.

  • Set your promotional calendar for the year.
  • Next, you must tell your customers what is going on in your store and invite them to come and shop with you.
  • For those of you who are not collecting customer contact information through your database - the work starts right now.  No excuses.
  • Your database is one of the most valuable tools you have.  Here is a challenge: collect 3 to 5 customer names daily; you will soon have 1,000 plus customers a year on your list.

I need you to be re-energized about what you do in your store.  Review what has worked for you in the past to stimulate business, adding the suggestions I have made to your proactive marketing strategy.  Start this first quarter right.Love to hear from you.BestBarbaraCheck out my many business programs. Hundreds of retailers have already right sized their businesses and are thriving.