Role of a retail business coach is ...

  • To listen when retailers need someone to listen to them.

  • To encourage them when they need encouragement.

  • To empathize with them when things aren’t going so well.

  • To celebrate their achievements with them.

  • To offer them an informed outside opinion & ideas when they need them.

  • To keep up on the changing realities of business & technology.

  • To challenge and help retailers find ways to do a better job.

  • To be honest, ask them the tough questions (and tell them when there’s an elephant in the room).

  • To help them become the best business owner they can be.

  • To be available when they need me.

Working with a business coach …

  • When working with a coach, a retailer invests in themselves personally and professionally. They can get better results in their business and enjoy it more, so why wouldn’t they use a coach?
    Like every retail business owner working hard for their money and spend it wisely, my clients expect a measurable return on every investment.

  • With an experienced retail coach on their team, and with the retailer doing what’s needed on their end, their sales increase dramatically, margins improve, profits go up and they are poised to grow. The retailer’s customers, employees, family and suppliers are loving it and so are they.

  • To put the cost into perspective, as a business coach I am paid about the same as an accountant is paid to do my year-end financial statements. I help retailers earn far more.