Thank you for participating

Thank you for participating in our AmericasMart Retail Seminar Program. Your retail seminars, which teach our buyers how run more effective and profitable retail businesses, are very informative and very well attended.

The participants in the seminars leave feeling they have gained important insight need to ensure success of their business.

We appreciate your time with us at AmericasMart and value your expertise as a retail makeover speaker and trainer. We would certainly recommend yours services to any company.

Sondra Page
Director of Marketing Events
AmericasMart Atlanta

Barbara is a true professional

Barbara is a true professional, upbeat and specific in her references to retail customers and their behavior and really understands the true-to-life challenges of the retail environment. Feedback from attendees at our custom tailored programs and topics have included comments such as “a pleasure to listen to and participate”, “dynamic and meaningful” and “practical and informative”. She has a way of taking information and presenting it in a way that people can understand.

Margo Warren
Special Events Manager
CGTA Gift Show

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One of the most powerful resources in launching the new Gift & Home Channel has been the talent, enthusiasm & energy of Barb Crowhurst.

Ray Gaulke, Gift & Home Channel

NY NOW 2017

I was at your seminar at NY Now. It was on how to improve traffic in your store. I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it and it was by far the best and most informative part of my whole trip. I have a small boutique/ art gallery and I am about to hit my two year anniversary . Thank you.


My name is Donna Jacobsen and I am a hairdresser who owns and manages a hair salon and spa in Quesnel BC. I wanted to expand my boutique to include women’s fashions, accessories and gifts. It was suggested to me that I hire an expert, so I investigated some experts and chose Barbra.

Barbra has been instrumental in the start-up success of our expanded boutique, we added 800 square feet to the boutique plus storage. I come from a world of service and beauty, I really knew nothing about retailing clothing.

Barbra walked us through the design from the change rooms to the store layout, she showed us the top brand choices that she knew would be successful. She kept that fine line of balance and let us choose the brands that we felt, spoke to what, our clients would enjoy. Enabling our store to be ours.

She helped us with hiring and training, marketing and merchandising, and anything else we needed.

I’ve learned so much and in my heart I know that our boutique has been fast tracked to success, we would not have had the time to learn by trial and error. Nor enjoyed the confidence that our choices were based on her expert advice.

  • Donna Jacobsen, Sparivier, Beauty. Fashion. Home

The Kent Florist

Hi Barbara

We have been very happy with the coaching you have provided to the Kent Florist. It is great to have the staff, and myself, aware of the conversion rates and average sale. It is a great building block to increase sales. You have really enlightened us to how many people are walking through the front door(more than we thought. We are having fun getting everyone involved with the clicking of our customer counter and discussing conversion rates and ideas to increase our sale. We did implement the “pick of the week” and it is going well and helping the staff get to know the store products better.


Barbara clearly understands our needs as independent retailers

I started my retail store in 1996, and, like most all other independent retailers, have experienced many highs and lows. Moving my business twice, weathering several economic downturns, witnessing major shifts in shopper, employee and supplier behavior, dealing with my own health issues, trying to keep up with changing technology, leasing difficulties; you name it, the challenges are never ending. At the same time, I’m proud to say that I have been running a highly successful, profitable, ever evolving business.  I remain passionate about what I do and, am humbled to have been inducted into the Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Hall of Fame.

I can’t imagine having handled the challenges as well, nor achieved as much, without having had Barbara as my retail business coach. Barb and I have been meeting once a month for eight years. And, I have every intention of working with her for many more years to come.

Barbara clearly understands our needs as independent retailers, and what it takes to make us successful. She’s heard it all before and, with sensitivity and skill, knows how to get you and your business to a better place. I highly recommend you stop trying to do this on your own, start doing what other accomplished retailers are doing, and begin working with the very best.

  • Diane Petryna, Take A Hike + Take 2 Boutique, Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Retail champion is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Barbara.

Her helpful merchandising and staging tips strategically guided more customers through our Gallery Store. Insight on customer buying habits and retail trends resulted in significant increases in monthly sales. An expert retail coach, I am very much looking forward to continuing our work together as we prepare to move into a larger, more visible location on our waterfront.

- Suzanne Plesh,
Visitor Services Supervisor, Thunder Bay Art Gallery

We are more focused on all aspects of our business.

Since we started with Retail Makeover, we are more focused on all aspects of our business.
We are now keeping track of conversion numbers-which has helped us analyze our Marketing
and get more customers through the door and increase our average sale.
After 40+ years in Reatil, one tends to get "stuck" in old ways, Retail Makeover has helped us get " unstuck" and
adapt to new ways to be successful in the every changing industry.
Make sure you work with Barbara Crowhurst, she's amazing!

- Barbara + Paul Rasmussen
Sofa So Good

You added tremendous value to our meeting

Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for coming and presenting to our team at Card Smart.

Steve Gimbelman, Executive CardSmart

I’ve learned so much

In my heart I know that our boutique has been fast tracked to success, we would not have had the time to learn by trial and error. Nor enjoyed the confidence that our choices were based on her expert advice.

Donna Jacobsen
Spa Rivier, Beauty. Fashion. Home.

Our profits have increased along with our foot traffic

Barbara has truly helped me transform my whole store. For the first time I actually have attainable sales goals with solutions and programs as to how to achieve them. The chaos and guessing for me is now gone. She has helped me implement some amazing strategies along with assisting me with marketing and social media campaigns.

Christina Ferrari
Owner, Dalla Terra LLC

Barbara clearly understands our needs as independent retailers

I can’t imagine having handled the challenges as well, nor achieved as much, without having had Barbara as my retail business coach.

Diane Petryna
Take A Hike + Take 2 Boutique
Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada


I attended the recent NNBA meeting in Coeur d’Alene at which you presented some breakthrough ideas about increasing sales and store layout. Thank you SO MUCH! We are now working on these ideas. I especially heard your advice to spend 4-8 hours per week working ON the business. That may be the most important change we will make.

Thank you for your passion for retail success.

Deby Barnhart
Cornell Farm

Canadian Jewellers Association

Barbara was a recent presenter at the Canadian Jewellers Association Education Day. The response from our exit survey on her topic was very positive. He knowledge of the Retail marketplace in Canada is exceptional. We would most definitely consider her to present again at our next education day.

Best regards,
J. David Ritter
President & CEO

Informative, Targeted, Concise and Incredibly Supportive Presentation

Thank you for not only a wonderfully informative, targeted, concise and incredibly supportive presentation, but also for being a pleasure to work with on this project.

You are a great example of good ‘customer relations' and it was very much appreciated by the audience (and the organizers). Thank you for going above and beyond for the Retail Makeover winners.

We look forward to an opportunity to work together again
Best Regards, Joe Rees

Joe Rees – Economic Development Officer - Tourism Sector
Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development
VentureNorth - 270 George St N., Peterborough, ON K9J 3H1

“ Thank you so much Barbara for the follow-up email and for the very informative session at NY Now.“

Nicole/ Owner The Gallery Grid

Las Vegas Market Retail Makeover Seminar

“Hello Barbara; I was in Las Vegas Market show, and gladly attended at the Retail Makeover seminar. It was awesome! You really kept me thinking of all the improvements needed to take my retail business to another level. “

Thanks so much!
Laura Gomez

Village Craft and Candle

“The idea of purchasing a building and creating a retail space from scratch was both exciting and daunting. The web and Pinterest provide so much information and inspiration that it became overwhelming trying to decide what was solid advice or even reasonable to achieve. Barbara helped me take my vision onto paper, with an organized plan and weekly meetings. What I didn’t know, she provided. What I thought I knew, we discussed. And what I did know, she confirmed. It allowed me to transform the space in a month’s time, knowing that my decisions were sound. I honestly couldn’t have done this and stayed sane without her help!”

And again,
Thank you…
Sue Griffiths

Craft & Hobby Association

Every time I have Barbara present a seminar at our conference or through our online webinar, the attendees want more! An added perk to the positive feedback is that she is a charm to work with.

Nidia I. Negron
Director, Education & Community Engagement
Craft & Hobby Association

Indie Retailer

Barbara – I just watched your webinar and found the information you shared to be very informative!! I am opening a retail children’s store in Louisiana next Summer (it is going to be in a development that is currently under construction). Our primary products will be toys, candy and children’s party supplies. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful tips you shared!

Emily G.

Barbara truly understands the struggles of retailers

I first heard of Barbara through the Canadian Retailer Magazine. I picked up the magazine and read an article she had written explaining some of the challenges retailers are experiencing during these times. Once I finished reading the article I knew I had to meet Barbara. I knew I needed her coaching, she just described everything I was experiencing as a retail store owner all the challenges of having a small business in this age of big box stores. It was like she was reading my mind.

Barbara truly understands the struggles we as merchants face each and every day and speaks to them so eloquently while helping clear out redundant ways of doing things and gently encouraging you to do things differently and more strategic. All of Barbara’s recommendations were given step by step through a tailored plan, setting targets and goals, easy to implement with meticulous detail.

While analyzing my business she gave me invaluable information for business development that I will have in my tool kit forever.

I appreciated Barbara’s honesty, empathy, support and encouragement through our coaching sessions.
Whether you have been in retail your entire career or just starting out I highly recommend Barbara being part of your journey. She will bring life back to you if your struggling and be honest if you have a new and exciting venture you are considering. Thank you Barbara!
Forever grateful,
Maina, Retailer

Cloud Nine Pajamas

We worked with Barbara for over 2 years. We were new to retail, but eager to learn. Barbara provided us with extensive learning opportunities – everything from store design to marketing plans, to sales analysis, to financial reviews, to sales training to merchandising … and so much more. Barbara was able to walk us through issues numerous issues and opportunities. You just have to speak to Barbara once to understand her passion and knowledge. When we started with Barbara, we had one small store – we now have 3 stores and are still growing – this would not have been possible if Barbara had not put us on this path …

Robert D. Zechel Professional Corporation

Janet’s Home Accents

“If you own a business, Barbara Crowhurst is a ‘must see’! Whether you’ve been in retail for 50 years or 50 days, Barbara will teach you things you didn’t even know you needed to know. Armed with extensive retail knowledge, she tells it like it is. Her ideas are easily implemented and her experience is invaluable. I’ve attended two presentations and have learned very useful tips to help me run my business. It’s even nice to hear her suggest something that you’re already doing. It is like a pat on the back that we, in retail, usually don’t give ourselves.”

Janet Slater
Fenelon Falls, Canada

The Kawartha Store

“If there is any way you can attend a Barbara Crowhurst session and bring your key employees with you, you really should! Barbara is head and shoulders better than anyone I have ever listened to. Everything she had to say was very important to my business. By the way, I’m planning on hiring Barbara for personal coaching in our new store, and it will be well worth the cost!”

Trish Dougherty
Fenelon Falls, Canada