Retailers - Let 2020 Be Your Retail Repositioning Year

My Promise Is To help You With The Following:

  1. “Merging an online store with your bricks and mortar”

  2. “Embracing technology to drive retail analytics”

  3. “Marketing effectively using the right platforms”

  4. “Increasing sales”

  5. “Increasing foot-traffic”

  6. “Increasing conversion rates “

  7. “Creating a retail service culture that can sell“

  8. “Enhancing the customer experience”

Barbara Crowhurst

New Topics for 2020

Hi, it’s Barbara Crowhurst CEO of Retail Makeover. 

Participants that spend time with me at your next event will insure a successful business future for themselves.

“A True Retail Renaissance!“ 


2020 Retail Sales Planning

Learn, Review, Adjust and Verify with Barbara Crowhurst, CEO of Retail Makeover. 60 minutes

This session is a must to attend for every retailer who wants to increase sales. It’s easy to do and by 20% right off the bat.

Key Takeaways:

You will learn what Financial Reports to look at, how often and what they can tell you about your business. Operational Reports are the backbone of your business; Barbara will show you which ones to track and how to interpret. You will be taken through a step-by-step direction on how to increase sales by using your average sales numbers and teaching your staff to show add-ons and add-ups.  Know about the Pick of The Week? Come and find out! If your not hooked yet, Barbara will teach you how to price your products correctly, gain margins and higher profits.

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2020 Retail Marketing Plans

Learn, Review, Adjust and Verify with Barbara Crowhurst, CEO of Retail Makeover. 60 minutes

If you want more traffic and all retailers do, this session deliver by Barbara is a must attend. An effective Marketing Plan insures awareness, which in turn increases traffic and leads to the potential of increasing sales.

Key Takeaways:

You will learn about the importance of customer data and how customer insights must shape your marketing. Also Barbara will direct you to who your customer actually is, and where the majority of your sales come from. You will find out the 3 different types of customers and how to sell to them. Learn to plan and write an effective Marketing Plan. Learn what all the current and up to date marketing roll out channels are and why you need to link them very closely to your plan. A call-to-action and direct-path-to-purchase must be on your list of to-do’s. Your marketing plan will be more effective after you Book Barbara for this session.

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2020 Buying Budgets

Learn, Review, Adjust and Verify with Barbara Crowhurst, CEO of Retail Makeover. 60 minutes 

This is a must attend session for every retailer that wants to 1, not over buy, 2, stay on budget, and 3, insure selling what they buy.

Key Takeaways:

Open To Thrive System (OTT) - Barbara will introduce you to this powerful, full-proof system. This will help you set buying budgets you can stick to and afford, help you reduce debt and business costs. It will rightsize your business. Save you money and make you money.

Other things you will learn: How to control your inventory, When to start taking markdowns, How to price items, Set margins.

Barbara will introduce you to the Retail Makeover Buying Budget System that will help you set your buying budget by supplier by month. You’ll learn which Key Reports to follow. Starting with:

  1. Sales by item,

  2. Sales by Category,

  3. Sales by Supplier,

  4. Sales by Brand,

  5. Sales by Quarter and Season.

Learn simple things to do to get successfully ready before any buying show. 

Hit any season hard at the start with effective, consistent awareness of what money you should spend on products.

Barbara can’t wait to meet you and share this information with you.

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Special Feature For All 2020 Speaking Engagements

Retailers can Book a One on One Retail Business Coaching Session with CEO of Retail Makeover Barbara Crowhurst. Sessions are 20 minutes and cover whatever challenge or concern retailers would like to discuss with Barbara. Contact Barbara Today to discuss how these coaching sessions would be incorporated at your event.