At this time of the Year The Retail Success Training Program is focused on the Most Important, Must do Tactics to insure the Highest Christmas Traffic and Sales. Book customized and at your convenience one-on-one sessions through the months of November & December with Retail Makeover CEO Barbara Crowhurst.

The program is designed for Retail Owners or Retail Store Managers looking to gain firsthand expertise with knowledge on how best to leverage what Barbara shares with you.

Be More Successful This Christmas.

The Retail Success Training Program will boost sales and increase traffic immediately.

Insure the Best Christmas Ever.

Barbara will give you the most effective tips on training sales-staff to maximize customer engagement which will increase the number of customers you will have going through your cash register.

Increasing Your Average Sale.

It’s Easy and Convenient

Instructions will take place Live with Barbara via Skype, FaceTime, or Phone. The training will be delivered at agreed times over the months of November and December.

Key focus is increasing Christmas Sales, Traffic and Profitability.

To find out more about this must incorporate sales training. Contact Barbara Today.