Barbara shares her expertise about creating an effective sales focus and how it all comes together to have a major impact on sales. Retail Sales Staff will be taught how to be better sales people and contribute more effectively to the retailer’s sales goals.

Key points covered:

How to create a strong sales culture:

  1. Setting sales targets

  2. Calculating the average sale

  3. Conversion rates

  4. Add on sales

  5. Staff taking ownership

  6. Power hours with a focus on customers and what that means to a retailer’s business

  7. Use better customer service strategies

  8. Keys to a great shopping experience for your customers

  9. The 6 steps of the sale

  10. Approaching and engaging more customers

  11. Dealing with objections

  12. Recognizing buying signals

  13. The deadly assumptions that hold back sales success

  14. How to close a sale

Session length: 2 hrs.

Live one-on-one Skype or Face Time session with Barbara. Ideal for Independent Retailers with multiple staff. Barbara can book time with your staff either before opening hours in the morning, or just after the store closes in the evening