Santa Rosa Retail Makeover - Part 4

Retail lighting for Debbie's front window displays:

Q: Are the display windows being lit effectively?
A: No this is an area that Debbie will have to address.

Q: Is there a dedicated lighting source in the display windows at Debbie's store?
A: No there was none; the window displays were depending on light from within the store.

Q: What is the best type of lighting to install for a window display?
A:  Halogen track lighting; the plan will be to install the track on the ceiling right down the middle of the window display area.  With  a minimum  of one halogen bulb/50w per  2 ft of track.

Q: How does mother nature effect display window lighting?
A: If you are in strip plaza or stand alone store outside light will be a strong factor and effect what can been seen in your window display. Notice, because of the intense light factor from mother nature, that on most days your store windows look black and your store looks closed. Your in-store window lighting has to counter balance mother nature, and that means a lot of good lighting has to be installed.

Q: How about Mall lighting?
A: Most Malls understand the lighting issue and look to showcase the front of your store. The light level in Malls is usually adjusted to make your window display lighting effective. If this is not happening you know what needs to be done.

General info:
My pet peeve, the flashing open sign. Please try not to use them.

As always thanks for checking in this week. Now go and see what upgrades you need  to make to your  window display lighting design. Not sure please contact me.

Next week in part 5, I have a look at Debbie's Cash Counter Lighting. You won't want to miss what I have to share with you .

I hope you enjoyed our Retail Makeover this week. Don't forget to work along with us; contact me, let me know how you are doing or if you have any questions.

Have a great week.

Your Retail Makeover Business Coach