Day #108 - New Product Line From Shoppetalk

Excited to share this with you:

It's a New product line from Shoppetalk which helps increase sales and profitability thru  effective retail signage.We love…. is being launched across North America  in January, 2012.This is a brand NEW line of retail window signage from Shoppetalk. Developed in collaboration with Ronda Pegman from Walltalk.Why I continue to support product development for Shoppetalk is simple: it's all about helping retailers increase sales and profitability. One of the key marketing tools retailers have are the front of their stores. Retailers must add signage to their window displays and not miss the all important trigger from words that tell customers why they should come in and have a look. This signage and this strategy is directly targeted at attracting new customers to the retailers product mix.The inspiration for this collection We love…… came from recent working/travel trips I have taken across North America. Retailers love what they do and they are passionate about the products they carry. I hope you will love this idea as much as Ronda and I do.Here's a tip for  Retailers :Use the saying We love…. with your own product list when you just want to make a statement or combine it with a sales promotion which features your most beloved products.Enjoy and share the passion of retail through Shoppetalk: the We love…….. collection.BestBarbara